It’s a collaboration. Your taste, lifestyle, room function and budget are all taken into account. Your whole environment is considered: flooring, furniture, art, lighting conditions (natural and electric) children, pets and guests, style of home and favorite anything.


1. Residential Color Consultation Fee:

$150 per hour

The interior of a house takes approximately 2 – 4 hours in one or two sessions.

You will receive a detailed specification sheet for your painter.

2. Commercial Architectural Color Consultation

$275 initial consultation

$200 per hour

The amount of time depends on the size of project and the number of decision makers involved.

3. Architectural finishes and surface consultation:

For a remodel or new construction, I assist in selecting the materials to support and enhance a coherent color palate and style for architectural elements such as flooring, carpets, countertops and tiles.

4. Decor:

I assist with the selection and placement of furniture, carpets, light fixtures, curtains, linens, towels and objects of art to add the finishing touches to the color integrity of your home.

My aim is to see through your eyes

and to invite you to see through mine.