As I’m working on my book, a compilation of exterior color themes from the Sierra Nevada foothills, I decided to share with you some tidbits from April. Enjoy!

All color chips used here are for Benjamin Moore. You are welcome to contact me to receive the specific color names.
April postOur senses illumine as the sun shines perpendicular to our place on the earth – the glory of the Spring Equinox!

Now is the time to collect inspiring color combinations as they spring up around your home, for the colors you capture now will harmonize your home in any season.

All colors come into play now, glowing with a particular brilliance. Oranges orchestrate in a symphony of violets, from cool to warm, as lupines, California poppies, and brodea spring to life.

Big red-violet torches scatter among the myriad greens as the Red-bud (why is it called that? It is purple!) dresses itself with thousands of petite flowers.
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The ornamental cherries bare forward their blossoms like a heavy tapestry of rich Renaissance cloth.
Black oak

The muscular sculpture of the oaks break with budding as little specks of brown-green unfurl with new ochre.